A Gremlin in the Works

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With the British computer game scene about to explode, a small shop appeared on Sheffield’s Carver Street called Just Micro. It was founded by the partnership of Ian Stewart and Kevin Norburn, both with retail backgrounds but a desire to get into the business of games publishing. Fortunately the shop attracted local talent such as Pete Harrap, Shaun Hollingworth and Tony Crowther, and so, in 1984, Gremlin Graphics was formed.  

This lavish 572 page book plots the course of the company, from initial successes with Monty Mole, Jack The Nipper and Thing On A Spring, to its ground-breaking Lotus-branded racing games, and eventual purchase by Infogrames in 1999.

Officially endorsed by founder Ian Stewart, A Gremlin In The Works by Mark Hardisty features interviews and anecdotes from all of its key members, including Chris Kerry, Ben Daglish and Greg Holmes, along with stalwarts of the UK gaming scene: Rod Cousens, Tim Chaney, Jeremy Heath-Smith, Geoff Brown and Infogrames founder Bruno Bonnell among many others.

Filled with game imagery, memorabilia and archive material such as old letters, business cards, staff photos and game design documents, this is an exhaustive and comprehensive chronicle of one of Britain’s best-loved developers, and a fascinating exploration of the meteoric rise of the gaming scene in the ’80s and ’90s.

The finished book is 572 pages long which is spilt into two volumes. Both volumes are housed within a heavy board full-colour slipcase. Each volume will  lovingly printed to the highest standards using CMYK and Pantone inks.

FREE ongoing content 
The A Gremlin in the Works: The Expansion Disk is a new approach in digital publishing. Building on the content of the original book, The Expansion Disk converts the original hardback into a never ending story, blending an extended Gremlin narrative with exclusive new interviews, brand new content, lush artwork and a chance to recover lost content from the cutting room floor.

The Expansion Disk comes in the form of a PDF which you get when you buy the main book. When further new interviews are made available, you will be notified with a link to download the updated PDF.


Book specifications
2 books (572 pages combined), 250mm x 200mm, lithographic print, pantone inks, hardback, thread sewn binding, 3mm board slipcase.

Full contributor list
Adrian Carless, Andrew Findlay, Andrew Fox, Andrew Morris, Andy Turner, Antal Zolnai, Anthony Clarke, Antony Crowther, Ashley Bennett, Barry Leitch, Ben Daglish, Bruno Bonnell, Carl Cavers, Chris Kerry, Chris Stamp, Christian Shrigley Christopher Payne, Chris Box, Colin “Fungus T. Bogeyman” Dooley, Damian Hibbard, David Kirk, David Rowe, Gary Penn, Geoff Brown, George Allan, George Karboulonis, Glyn Williams, Greg Holmes, Ian Harling, Ian Richardson, Ian Stewart, Jacob Habgood, James North-Hearn, Jason Perkins, Jenny Richards, Jeremy Heath-Smith, Joe Chetcuti, Kevin Norburn, Les Spink, Lizi Attwood, Malcolm Gillott, Mario van Zeist, Mark Rogers, Matthew Clark, Matthew Furniss, Mike Dailly, Neil Biggin, Pat Phelan, Patrick Strassen, Patrick Titley, Paul Blythe, Paul Hiley, Peter Andrew Jones, Peter Frith, Peter Harrap, Phil Wright, Philip Durbidge, Phil Plunkett, Richard Bridgwater, Richard Costello, Richard Stevenson, Ricki Martin, Rod Cousens CBE, Roger Kean, Sarah Bennett, Sean Millard, Shaun Hollingworth, Shaun Southern, Simon Hallam, Simon Phipps, Steve Camber, Steve Hammond, Steve Lycett, Stuart Gregg, Tim Chaney, Tim Heaton, Tony Casson, Tony Kavanagh, Tony Wills, Violet Berlin, Wayne Laybourn, Will Frost.